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June 2002


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                Nehemia Gordon from Jerusalem Israel compiled the following New Moon Report for the month of May 2002 and the beginning of the 3rd month on the Hebrew calendar.

            “On Monday May 13, 2002, observers across Israel looked for the moon but it was not sighted. There was a light haze on the horizon. Due to the borderline astronomical conditions of this moon, we will be looking again tomorrow night for the new moon.

            On Tuesday May 14, 2002, the new moon was sighted from Jerusalem by Nehemia Gordon and Devorah Gordon.  A picture of the moon is available at: 

                Chart 269 in the May 2002 issue of Biblical Astronomy shows the position of the moon in the constellation Taurus along with a unique planetary alignment on May 14, 2002.  Also see the last article of the May newsletter for a little more info on this.

            The next new moon beginning the 4th month on the Hebrew calendar is expected to be visible from Jerusalem near sunset on June 12, 2002.

The position of the New Moon in Gemini as seen from Jerusalem in the early evening on June 12, 2002.




                The planets Jupiter (Tzedeq – The Lord Our Righteousness) and Venus (Nogah - the bright and morning star) will be putting on a brilliant display in the constellation Gemini in early June. 

            Chart 270 shows the positions of the planets Jupiter and Venus in the constellation Gemini as seen from Jerusalem in the early evening of June 1, 2002.  When viewed from the United States, the two planets will be side by side.  Jupiter is in the left figure of the constellation, and Venus in the right figure.  This is an incredible display when taking all factors into consideration.

            In Grecian mythology, Jupiter was known as the god of all gods.  The two figures of Gemini were called the sons of Jupiter.  The ancient truths behind the myth can be clearly seen.  The planet Jupiter represents both Yahweh and Yahshuah (God and His son Jesus the Messiah. or God in His relationship to Jesus). In the Hebrew its name is Tzedeq, which is the root for Melchisedec (Hebrews 5:6-7:17) or Melchizedek (Gen. 14:18, Psalm 110:4). 

            Venus represents the bright and morning star.  In Hebrew its name is Nogah, which means bright, and also Hillel, which means very bright.  Its Coptic name is Suvath, which means morning twilight.   In the Planisphere of Dendera (cir. approx. 2000 BC), Venus is shown as a female figure.  In Revelation 22:16 it is written: I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.  I am the root of David, and the bright and morning star.

            In Revelation 2:26-28 it is written:  And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations; And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers; even as I received of my father.  And I will give him the morning star.

            Venus represents both Messiah and the Church or Bride, and Messiah in relationship to the Church. Venus is shown in the Planesphere of Dendera as a woman figure representing the bride.

            The Planisphere of Dendera also shows the left figure in Gemini to be male and the right figure to be female. This is of particular interest concerning the celestial event of June 1 when Jupiter (Messiah or Bridegroom) will be seen in the left figure of Gemini (male figure) and Venus (the bride) will be seen in the right figure (female figure).

            The following is from Joseph Seiss’ The Gospel in the Stars (1882), pp.114-115 concerning this particular interpretation of the constellation Gemini.


“Christ’s Union with His Church – But the two figures in this sign though in some sense distinct, are really one, as Christ and the Father are one, and as the man and his wife are one flesh.  The union is such that one is in the other, and the two are so conjoined that one implies and embraces the other.  There is no Christ apart from His Church, and there is no Church except in Christ.  They are two, and yet they are one – He in them, and they in Him – so that what is his is theirs, and what is theirs is His.  As He is the peculiar Son of God, they are peculiar sons of God in Him, and are joint-heirs with Him to all that He inherits.  Again and again the Scriptures comprehend Him in the descriptions of the Church and embrace them in the predictions concerning Him.  Hence, in the truer and deeper meaning of the Psalms, He and His people speak the same words, pass through the same experiences, receive the same assurances, and rejoice in the same promises, hopes and honors.  The king often disappears in the body politic, and the body politic still oftener disappears in the king.  And so it is in these two figures.  They are no more twins than Christ and His Church are twins, yet they are both the peculiar sons of God; whilst the birth of the one was virtually and really the birth of the other.

            Hence, also, the names and qualities which appear in the one are at the same time construable with both, because they coexist in one another.  They are Bridegroom and bride, but they are at the same time together the one Man-Child appointed to rule all nations with the rod of iron.  Accordingly, the one is called Pollux and Herakles – the Ruler, or Judge, the Toiling Deliverer; and the other is called Castor and Apollo – the Coming Ruler or Judge, “born of the light,” who punishes and destroys the wicked and unrighteous, who brings help and wards off evil, who has the spirit of prophecy and sacred song, who protects and keeps the flocks, and who delights in the founding and establishment of cities, kingdoms, and settled rule and order among men.  It is not the one by himself in either case, but the one in and with the other, conjoined and perfected in the same administration – Christ with the Church, and the Church with Christ, as the one all-ruling Man-Child under whom the whole earth shall be delivered from misrule and oppression, the eternal kingdom come, and the entire world enjoy its unending Sabbath.

            At present this union of Christ with His Church, though real and the very life of Christianity, is mystic, hidden, and not yet fully revealed.  The Church is yet intermixed and held down by earthliness and the power of mortality and death.  All this needs to be stripped off and immortality put on, as has been accomplished in the case of Christ the Head, who is now already at the right hand of the Father.  What has happened in His deliverance, triumph and exaltation needs also to be wrought out in the case of His members, the Church.  Our complete union with Him can only be when this mortal has put on immortality and death is swallowed up of life; which occurs when the sainted dead are raised, and they, together with those of His who are then still alive, are caught up in incorruption to meet Him in the heavenly spaces.  But what is as yet mystic and unrevealed is hereafter to be openly, formally, and most gloriously exhibited and shown in living and eternal fact.”

            See the January 2001 issue of Biblical Astronomy for more pertinent information on the constellation Gemini.  The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph R. Seiss is now available to order from Biblical Astronomy for a gift of $20.00 (includes shipping).  Mazzaroth by Francis Rolleston (1862, 1875) is also now available to order from Biblical Astronomy for a gift of $45.00 (includes shipping).

            Chart 271 shows the planets Jupiter and Venus in conjunction in Gemini in the early evening of June 3, 2002 as seen from Jerusalem.

            I know that the postal version of this newsletter will not reach many subscribers until after June 1, as I will be mailing it on May 30.  I fell ill last week and was not able to do the newsletter when planned.  I am doing fine now but have been hit fairly hard with spiritual attacks from all directions.  I have great joy in my heart knowing that I must be doing something right.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Thank you to all who re-subscribed to the postal version of the newsletter and to all who gave donations and gifts for this ministry to carry on.  As a reminder, this is the last issue of Biblical Astronomy for the July 2001/June 2002 subscription year. 





            After I sent out the May newsletter, my attention was brought to an article supposedly done by someone from Harvard University concerning the triangular massing of Venus, Mars and Saturn on May 5/6, 2002, and its similarity to the massing of the same three planets on April 1, 2 BC.  I checked to see if there was such a massing in 2 BC and to my surprise I found that there was not only a massing of these planets on that date, but that the three planets were in the head of Taurus, just as they were on May 5/6, 2002.  Chart 272 shows the massing of these three planets as seen from Jerusalem on March 31, 2 BC (the date of the closest massing of the planets as seen from Jerusalem).  For comparison, Chart 273 shows the massing of Venus, Mars and Saturn on May 6, 2002 as seen from Jerusalem.  Saturn is almost exactly in the same spot in both instances.

            I lean toward the Day of Trumpets of 3 BC as being when Messiah was born.  Others insist that it was the Day of Trumpets or Feast of Tabernacles in 2 BC that Messiah was born.  The massing of planets on March 31/April 1, 2 BC was most likely either 6 months after the birth of Messiah, or 6 months before.  The first day of Abib in 2 BC most likely started at sunset on April 5, Julian calendar (which is April 2 on the proleptic corrected Gregorian calendar).   

            Since the theme of the sign Taurus is Messiah, the coming Judge of all the earth, it is quite fitting that there would be a sign in this constellation at his First coming and at His second coming.  At Messiah’s first coming, there were also many celestial events that occurred in other constellations which were prophetic to His birth, such as Virgo and Leo.  There were many signs of various sorts from 7 BC to 2 BC.  They were signs showing that that was the season of Messiah’s first coming in His birth.  I believe that what we are seeing now are signs showing us that the season of His second appearing is upon us.  I do not know the day or hour, but do believe that the Messiah will soon reappear.  IF that not be until the year 2040, so be it, or if it be this coming autumn, so be it.  Whenever it occurs, it will be in God’s perfect timing. 

            I did an extensive search (20 hours) of all the massings of Venus, Mars and Saturn since the year 2 BC.  There were only 9 massings of these planets in Taurus including the one in 2 BC and the one on May 5/6, 2002.  Of the remaining 7 occurrences, 5 were visible and one of those was barely visible.  The two that were not visible, were in the upper horn area, far from the head, and too close to the sun after sunset or before sunrise to be seen.  Chart 274 (which is a collage of charts) shows the 5 events that occurred between March 31, 2 BC and May 5/6, 2002.  Most of these events were as seen over an hour after sunset from Jerusalem.  The May 5, 264 event is shown as seen at 22 minutes after sunset.  The planets were close to the horizon at that time and most likely very difficult, if not impossible to see.  Of the remaining 4 events, only one has the planets near the same area in the head of Taurus as the events of the 2 BC and 2002, and that is the event that took place on April 11, 883.  The closest match to the 2 BC event is by far the event that occurred on May 5/6, 2002 (with the planets being in the woolly or curly hair area of the head).

            According to Joseph Seiss, “in mythology this Bull was always accounted snow-white, the color of righteousness and royal judgment.”  The bright red star Aldebaran is one of the eyes of the bull. This description of Messiah coming to judge the earth is written of in Revelation 1:14 – His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire.

            Other than the event of May 5/6, 2002, none of the other events had Mercury in Taurus at the time of massing (except for the May 5, 264 event in which the lower three planets were most likely not visible to the human eye).  This means the May 6, 2002 event was at least a one in two thousand year event as seen in Taurus.

            There is yet another celestial event to occur in Taurus on June 10, 2002, which is the subject of the next article.




            The following is from the June 2002 issue of Astronomy magazine. 

            “A new moon occurs on the ecliptic in June – meaning it’s time for a solar eclipse.  On June 10/11 (depending on which side of the International Date Line you’re located), an annular eclipse of the sun is visible from a narrow path that cuts across the Pacific Ocean.  This eclipse is unusual since there is little landfall on the centerline.  An annular eclipse occurs when the moon is farther from Earth than average, the maximum distance of which is known as the moon’s point of apogee.  As a result, observers on the centerline don’t see the sun completely covered.  A glowing ring, or annulus, remains at mid-eclipse.  Observers near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico should see this remarkable annulus just as the sun dips and “touches” the horizon.

            Regions north and south of the centerline will witness varying degrees of a partial eclipse.  Northern Australia, the Philippines, Guam, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska and most of Canada and the United States (except for the eastern seaboard) will experience a partial eclipse.  The southwestern United States will experience the greatest partial phases near sunset on June 10, when the moon covers between 60 and 80 percent of the sun’s disk.  Cities farther north and east will see lesser degrees of coverage.”

            This eclipse will not be visible from Jerusalem or any other part of the Mid-East. 

            Charts 275 and 276 show the position of the sun and moon between the horns of Taurus at the peak of the eclipse as seen from the Pacific Northwest United States at 6:08 pm PDT on June 10, 2002.  The eclipse occurs very close to the imaginary line in the alignment of the heels that passes through the horns of Taurus.  See the May 2002 issue of Biblical Astronomy for information concerning the “alignment of the heels.” 

            As a tribal sign, the sign Taurus represents the tribe of Joseph, with the two horns representing the tribes Ephraim and Manasseh.  What this may have to do with the events concerning Messiah’s return, if anything, I do not know at this time.  Messianic believers should have a good time chewing on this one, and most likely will come up with a good answer.  That is part of the design of this newsletter, to get believers thinking and wondering, “what if.”  The signs in the heavens are part of your inheritance, and there are many treasures to find there.





            The summer solstice this year will occur at 9:24 am EDT on June 21.  This is officially the first day of summer and marks the longest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere.  The summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere is where the sun reaches its northernmost point above the celestial equator.  In the Southern Hemisphere, this would be the winter solstice.





            There has been much hype going around over the past 6 months or so about the theoretical Planet X.  That is just what it is, a theory.  I first read about this hypothesis over 20 years ago.  There are no proven facts that this particular neutron star actually exists.  There are some who have recently exploited this theory into tabloid sensationalism.  And as was the case with that mysterious Hale-Bopp companion, and the comet that was suppose to strike Mars a year or so ago, and with many other celestial urban legends and hoaxes, this one goes along with the general theme of a government conspiracy theory and that many observatories have observed it, but are now denying that they did. All of the other events suppose to have happened over the past 6 years (including the toppling of the earth’s axis) were false and misleading representations of the facts and so is this one.  The people who come up with this stuff make lots and lots of money getting people all hyped up and selling many books.  They count on the fact that in general, most of the population is ignorant of basic scientific principles. This is nothing more than tabloid sensationalism. 

            Supposedly, this neutron star is to reach its closest approach to the earth in the summer of 2003.  At which time its gravitational forces will wreck havoc on this planet.  There are many events that may occur at or around that time, but this will not be one of them.


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