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November 2009


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Nehemia Gordon from Jerusalem, Israel compiled the following New Moon Report for the month of October 2009 and the beginning of the Eighth Biblical Month.


 “On October 20, 2009 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was first sighted from Tzfat at 17:11 by John Zecca, from Jerusalem at 17:13 by Aryeh Levy, Nehemia Gordon, Devorah Gordon, and Adam Kinghorn, and from Kefar Eldad at 17:17 by Maya Khalturina and Bruce Brill. The moon was not sighted from Israel on the previous evening (October 19).”


The next new moon, beginning the Ninth Biblical Month, is expected to be visible from Israel near sunset on November 18, 2009 when it will be 3.29% illuminated and 9.710 above the horizon at 5 minutes past sunset. 


This moon has now been confirmed as seen on November 18.  I did not expect to be this late in getting the November newsletter out.  I will have the full report of this new moon in the December newsletter.


I have been in much pain and pretty much pinned down in my reclining chair until just recently.  Fortunately, there are no celestial events of great significance for the month of November.  It looks to be a pretty dry year from here on out as far as predictable celestial events go.  There will be no planetary conjunctions or massings until August 2010.  There are a few eclipses coming up, but the most significant one occurs next December (2010).


However, I will keep you informed with other interesting subjects in Biblical Astronomy.  This month I did a three-page article on the feature constellation Taurus.  I pray that it blesses you tremendously.


Though they are not of “great” significance, there are a few celestial events in November that were of some interesting significance.  Those events have now come and gone but I am writing of them here for the record.




Or, there goes Michael after that honey again.  Now on a more serious note, the planet Mars passed by and through the Beehive Cluster in the constellation Cancer from October 31 to November 2, 2009.    The Beehive Cluster is a modern name for the star cluster Praesepes.  Praesepes is a Hebrew word that means a multitude, offspring.  Mars passes through this cluster about every two years, so it is not a particularly rare event.


Chart 507 shows the position of Mars in the Beehive on November 1, 2009.  The shaded blue circle is the star cluster.  Below is a close-up view of this circle for the same date.



Chart 507 – Mars in Praesepe (the Beehive Cluster) on November 1, 2009


The main theme of the constellation and sign Cancer is Messiah’s redeemed possessions held fast.  As mentioned in previous newsletters, the crab was not the original picture for this constellation.  The more ancient picture is after its more ancient name Klaria, the cattlefolds.  Going by the star names in the constellation, it should be pictured as a type of coral with sheep pens.  A place where sheep are brought in to protect them from the elements and predators.  In the midst of the sheep pens are two donkeys.  It is known that donkeys protect sheep from coyotes and wolves.  This is a place of safety for the called out sheep of Yahweh.  It is a stronghold for the saved. 


Chart 507 shows two stars above and below the cluster and Mars.  These two stars are Asellus Borealis (the northern ass) and Asellus Australius (the southern ass) the two donkeys protecting the sheepfold.


In many, if not most cases, the planet Mars (Adom) represents the warrior angel Michael.  It is Michael who goes to war against Satan to protect Israel and God’s people.  Such was the case mentioned in Daniel 10:13 when Michael helped Gabriel fight against a nasty spirit in Persia.  Such will be the case in Revelation 12.  Michael is also mentioned in Daniel 12:1.


This celestial event of Mars in Praesepe (the multitudes and offspring of Israel) along with the two donkeys is a unique portrayal of the sheepfold being protected by Yahweh from His archenemy during a time of trouble.




It is that time of the year again for the Leonid Meteor shower.  The Leonids are known for good shows at their peak on November 17.  There have been meteor storms in the past that have produced hundreds of meteors per second.  In most years the shower produces around 50 meteors per hour.  It is expected that this year the meteor shower will put on a great show.  Below is an article from concerning this year’s expectations.

Leonids could peak big in 2009


“November's New Moon coincides with the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower. If the weather cooperates, viewing con­ditions should be near perfect. Observers normally can see 20 to 30 meteors per hour at the peak, but rates could spike this year.


Predictions show we should enjoy enhanced rates November 17, most likely between about 1:30 a.m. EST and sunrise. Another rate increase — with numbers reaching 100 meteors per hour for brief periods — may happen later that day, timed well for people across Asia. The higher rates arise because Earth is passing through heavy debris trails left by the Leonids' parent comet, 55P/Tempel-Tuttle.              Although these estimates may make observers salivate, predicting the number of meteors is akin to predicting the number of snowflakes in a storm. We could get lucky and see hundreds of meteors, but we might see only a dozen. One thing is certain: If you're not outside November 17, you'll miss whatever happens.”          


The radiant (where the meteors appear to come from) of the Leonid shower is in the head of Leo or Arieh (the Lion).  I have dubbed this meteor shower, as have others, “the roar of the lion.”    


Chart 508 shows where the radiant of the Leonid meteor shower is in the head of the Lion.  This modern version is not an ideal picture for Arieh.  The lion is seen here lying down.  In most ancient zodiacs the lion is standing or pouncing.  However, this is the only astronomy program that I have that shows the pictures of the constellations and the radiants of meteor showers.  You will have to use your imagination to correctly see the lion pouncing.  The Lion is pouncing on the serpent (not shown) and here is roaring at the same time.


Chart 508 – Radiant of the Leonid Meteor Shower, The Lion’s Roar, on November 17th





Over the past 35 years I have greatly enjoyed and learned from E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible.  I am now making this available to order from Biblical Astronomy.  It is not yet in the Products section of the website but it should be within the next two weeks.  Until then, you can order it via postal mail from Bob Wadsworth, 136 A.V. Davis Road, Apt. 2, Oregon City, OR 97045.  ($50.00 check or money order).


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TAURUS (the Bull)


Messiah, the coming Judge of all the earth



Taurus is the main constellation in the Sign Taurus.


Ancient Names for this constellation


Shur (Heb.) – the Bull, coming.  Shur is from a root that means both coming and ruling.


Al Thaur (Arab.) – the Bull, ruling.


Isis (Coptic) – who saves mightily.


Apis (Coptic) – who cometh and the head or chief


Tor (Chaldee) – the Bull.


Tauros (Gr.) – the Bull.


Taurus (Lat.) – the Bull.



Complementing scriptures to this constellation picture


Isaiah 34:2-8, RV – “For the LORD hath indignation against all the nations, And fury against all their host:  He hath utterly destroyed them, He hath delivered them to the slaughter… The LORD hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, And a great slaughter in the land of Edom, And the wild oxen [Reem] shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; And their land shall be drunken with blood, And their dust made fat with fatness.  For it is the day of the LORD’s vengeance, The year of recompense in the controversy of Zion.”

Other complimenting scriptures are Psalm 44:5, Isaiah 13:11-15, and Isaiah 26:21.  Concerning Taurus as a tribal sign, at a very early period these signs were appropriated to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and borne upon their “standards.”  This may be traced in the Blessing of Jacob (Gen. 49), and the Blessing of Moses (Deut. 33).  Taurus was assigned to Joseph, or rather to the two tribes of Ephraim and Mannasseh, like the two powerful horns.  The following is from the Blessing of Moses in Deuteronomy 33.


Deuteronomy 33:17 RV – “The firstling of his bullock (marg. his firstling bullock)—majesty is his, And his horns are the horns of the wild-ox (Reem).  With them he shall PUSH (marg. gore) the peoples, all of them, even the ends of the earth.  And they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.”


Stars in Taurus and the meanings of their names 


Al Debaran (Chaldee) – the leader or governor.  Brightest star in Taurus.  It is a red star in the eye of the reem.


El Nath (Arab.) – wounded or slain.


The Pleiades (Gr.)the congregation of the judge or ruler.  This is a star cluster.  The Syriac name for the Pleiades is Succoth, which means booths.  This cluster has been known from ancient times as the seven sisters.  See Job 9:9, Amos 5:8, and Revelation 1:16 for Scriptural reference to the seven stars or Pleiades.


Al Cyone (Arab.) – the centre.  Al Cyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades.


The Hyades (Gr.) – the congregated.  This is also a star cluster.  The Pleiades and Hyades are sometimes spoken of as constellations, but this is a mistake; they are integral parts of Taurus. 


Palilicium (Heb.) – belonging to the Judge.


Wasat (Arab.) – centre or foundation.


Al Thuraiya (Arab.) – the abundance.



In Taurus, the picture is that of a Bull rushing forward with mighty energy and fierce wrath, his horns set so as to push his enemies, and pierce them through and destroy them.  It is a prophecy of Messiah, the coming Judge, and Ruler, and “Lord of all the earth.”  The Bull is clearly represented, and in all the zodiacs which have come down to us is always in the act of pushing, or rushing.


In ancient Egypt, this bull was named Isis and Apis.  These were also the names of Egyptian gods.  By the meanings of their Egyptian names (see above), they looked upon the picture of this constellation as representing a mighty or strong leader and deliverer.  At that time in Egypt, Israel was held captive and their prophets foretold of a deliverer who would come and deliver them out of the bonds of Egypt.


A few years before the birth of Moses, a number of rare signs began to appear in Taurus.  These rare conjunctions and massing of planets continued over a period of a few years.  At that time Pharaoh and his astrologers looked upon these signs with amazement (see the beginning of the movie The Ten Commandments, which was written and produced using historical information from ancient historical documents as well as the Bible mentioned in the introduction to the movie).  They believed that they were signs that the deliverer of the Jews was soon to come into the world.  It was at that time that Pharaoh commanded that all the male newborn babies of the Jews should be killed at birth in order to cut off the deliverer of Israel who at that time turned out to be Moses. 


This is similar to what Herod did when the stars portrayed that the deliverer or King of Israel had been born in his time, who turned out to be Yahshua (Jesus).  Fortunately, both the Pharaoh and Herod were unsuccessful in cutting off Moses and later Messiah when he was young.


For more detailed information on the celestial signs that occurred around the birth of Moses see the second DVD in the Biblical Astronomy DVD set and also the article The Birth of Moses and the Exodus in the March/April 2004 edition of Biblical Astronomy, which are available on the Biblical Astronomy Website in the Products section and Newsletters section respectively at


The bull representing Taurus is actually a reem, which is a now extinct animal.  The following excerpts are from Joseph Seiss’s The Gospel in the Stars, pp.100-102 speaking of this reem.


“Two passages prove that it was a great two-horned and mighty creature, now, so far as known, entirely extinct, but once common in North-western Asia, Assyria, and Middle Europe.  Remains of it have of late years been discovered in the north of Palestine, and Caesar, in the account of his wars, describes it as being hunted in the Hercynian forest of his day.  It was known as the primeval ox, or wild bull, different altogether from the bison or the great antelope, sometimes taken for it.  It was a formidable animal, ‘scarcely less than the elephant in size, but in nature, color, and form a true ox.’  Its strength and speed were very great, and it was so fierce that it did not spare man or beast when it caught sight of them.  It was wholly intractable, and could not be habituated to man, no matter how young it was taken.  This fact is set out in the book of Job (39:9-12), where it is said: ‘Will the reem be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?  Canst thou bind the reem with his band in the furrow?  Or will he harrow the valleys after thee?  Wilt thou believe him that he will bring home thy seed, and gather it into thy barn?


In mythology this bull was always accounted snow-white, the color of righteousness and royal judgment.”


The reem in this constellation picture represents Messiah coming to the earth in royal judgment and pouring forth his wrath on his enemies.  The color of the reem’s hair has always been accounted snow-white.  The star Aldebaran in the left eye of the reem is a bright flaming red giant star.  The star cluster the Pleiades in the reem was in ancient times know as the seven stars and have been connected to the seven stars that represent the angels of the seven churches of Revelation 1:16, 20.  The following scriptures describe how Messiah appeared to John just prior to Messiah passing judgment on Earth.


Revelation 1:12-14, 16, 20 (KJV) – “And I turned to see the voice that spake with me.  And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks:  And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.  His head and His Hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and His eyes were as a flame of fire… and He had in His right hand seven stars… The mystery of the seven stars which though sawest in My right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks.  The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.”


This was the description that John gave of Messiah, the coming Judge of all the earth, which is also seen in part in this constellation sign.  The bull is seen springing forth from Aries the ram, which represents Messiah the Lamb who was slain as a propitiation for our sins and whose blood has saved us from the wrath to come and has redeemed us to God by that blood and by it the Lamb is also found worthy to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof in Revelation 5:1-14 and following.


The top horn in this constellation picture is seen piercing a foot.  The bright star at the end of that horn is El Nath, which means wounded or slain.  The foot that the horn is piercing belongs to Auriga, the Great Shepherd.  This is a picture of Messiah taking the wrath of God that is meant for his enemies upon himself for those who believe in him and are born from above.  For those who are saved through and by his name.  For those who have confessed and believed Romans 10:9, 10.   For all who are in the body of Messiah, we are not appointed to the wrath to come (I Thessalonians 1:10 and 5:9).  Praise Yahweh and Praise Yahshua.