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May 2011


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Nehemia Gordon from Jerusalem, Israel compiled the following New Moon Report for the month of May 2011 and the beginning of the Second Month on the Biblical Calendar. 


“We looked for the moon on Wednesday May 4, 2011 from Israel. It should have been visible under good viewing conditions but there were clouds across Israel and so far no one has reported seeing it. Those who accept the principle of "potential visibility" will be observing tonight as new moon since it would have been visible if there had not been clouds. However, those who accept the principle of raw 30-day visibility will observe new moon day tomorrow night.”


Correction – “Tonight (Wednesday May 4, 2011) was actually the 31st evening since the previous sighting making it new moon day by default, even if we did not succeed in sighting the moon. On the previous evening sighting would have been impossible from Israel even under ideal conditions. That makes tonight the beginning of the 2nd biblical month. Sorry for the confusion.”


The next new moon is expected to be visible from Jerusalem, Israel near sunset on June 3, 2011 when the moon will be 3.3% illuminated and 16.130 above the horizon at five minutes past sunset.


As mentioned in the two previous newsletters, there is a lot of celestial activity in the Sign and constellation Pisces in May.  Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse during the first three weeks of May but I have been recuperating over the past few days.  I am finally in enough shape to write this newsletter, though I had to double down on my pain medications.  I am not experiencing a narcotic effect or stupor, but feel normal and excited to finally do this issue of Biblical Astronomy.  I am in my right mind and the spirit of Yahshuah (Jesus) is directing my thoughts.  I have been trying to cut down on the opiates that I am prescribed to, but that has not been working out too well.  It is difficult to stay at the status quo.  But I am giving it my best effort.  I thought it best to be honest with my subscribers and have everything out in the open.  There are months that I do well and months that I do not so well. 





The Eta Aqarid Meteor Shower will peak on May 6, 2011.  The following article on the shower is from


 Halley’s debris rains from the Water-bearer

“One of the year’s best meteor showers peaks before dawn May 6. The Eta Aquarid shower receives no competition from the crescent Moon, which sets before midnight. Observers under optimal conditions — when the radiant lies overhead and an observer can view stars down to magnitude 6.5 — can expect to see about 70 meteors per hour at the peak.                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Unfortunately, Northern Hemisphere observers never get such conditions. The shower’s radiant lies in Aquarius the Water-bearer, which climbs only 20° high by the time twilight begins. So, the best northerners can expect is a still-decent 25 meteors per hour.                                                                                                                           

The Eta Aquarids derive from debris ejected by Comet Halley. Each May, Earth passes through this dust and the particles get incinerated in Earth’s atmosphere, giving us the meteor shower.”           


Chart 555 shows the radiant of the Eta Aquarid Meteor shower in the bucket from which water is poured forth from the man holding the bucket.  The man represents Yahweh or Yahshuah.  The water is being poured fourth into the mouth of the fish Piscis Austrinus.   In the constellation Pisces the two fish represent the two Houses of Israel, Judah and Ephraim, which include the Twelve Tribes of Israel.  The constellation Piscis Austrinus represents both houses united. 


Chart 555 – Radiant of the Eta Aqaurid Meteor Shower in the constellation Aquarius.  The peak of the shower occurs on May 6, 2004.


The water being poured forth by Yahweh represents His blessings being poured forth; specifically His gift of holy spirit being poured forth by the Holy Spirit (the Almighty).  The gift of holy spirit that was poured forth on Pentecost, June 20, 28 upon the Twelve Apostles (representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel) was compared to water and the baptism of water, but greater than the baptism of water.  The gift of holy spirit is likened unto water as it flows like water.  The gift holy spirit is not a person.  The Holy Spirit who pours it forth is Yahweh.  The fish has its mouth open receiving the blessing.  The apostles were instructed to receive the holy spirit from the Holy Spirit through Y’shua in John 20:22 after Y’shua breathed on them.  This may have been instruction on how the receive the gift of holy spirit when weeks later they sat in the Temple and the gift came as a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind (Acts 2:1).  They most likely opened their mouths and breathed the gift of holy spirit inward.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Though the constellation pictures on Chart 555 are from a secular astronomy program, it sets forth the heavenly record for the event.  The fish receiving the blessing has its mouth wide open.  The constellation Capricornus testifies to the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Messiah to be seated at the right side of his Father forty days after he was resurrected.   Because of his sacrifice, resurrection and ascension, the gift of holy spirit was made possible.  And the heavenly record of all these events, including the pouring forth of holy spirit shown in the Sign Aquarius and the receiving of the gift with the constellation Piscis Austrinus is wonderfully set forth as a witness of these events.                                                                                                                                                                                                      


The gift was later received by at least 3,000 others on that day (see Acts 2:41-47), and since that day, millions have received the gift.  It is still available to anyone who wants to receive it.  At least until the beginning of the Great Tribulation, which may come real soon.  This is the greatest gift that Yahweh has given to man and it is a free gift.  It includes eternal life and power to live our lives in Messiah.  The gift is worth much more than all the gold in the universe.


Though the Eta Aquarids peak on or near May 6, each year, the meteor shower lasts through May 28 and in most years the shower is going on during Pentecost.  However, that is not the case this year.


A great book on the subject of the gift of holy spirit is The Gift of Holy Spirit from Spirit and Truth Fellowship.  The following link shows how to purchase the book ($15.00) from Spirit and Truth.  The table of contents to the book is also shown on the webpage.


Pentecost (Shavuot) occurs on Firstday (Sunday) June 12, this year.





Mercury will pass 2 degrees south of Jupiter on May 10, 2011.  Chart 556 shows the conjunction in the constellation Pisces at its closest approach as seen from Jerusalem on May 10.   It also shows a tight triangular massing of the planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury between Pisces (the nation of Israel) and Cetus (the beast from the sea) with Mars over the leg of the Lamb that is breaking the bonds binding Israel to the beast from the sea.  The good news is, though Israel (Jacob) may become bound for a time, or a time, times and half a time even, they will be delivered from the beast through Messiah during their time of trouble.



Chart 556 Jupiter and Mercury in conjunction and triangular massing of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury on May 10, 2011.  Venus is the large blurred dot above the “p” in the label for Jupiter.


So I do not have to keep repeating them, below are the portrayals and meanings of the planets and constellations for the events that take place for this chart and the following charts.  Some have multiple portrayals or meanings.  I am sure that many of you have much of this already memorized, but this is for those who are new to the newsletter or have fading memory like myself.


Jupiter (Zedek) The Lord Our Righteousness; Yahweh the Father; Messiah Yahshuah (Jesus) the son of the Almighty (not as in the doctrine of the Trinity).


Venus (Nogah) – The Bright and Morning Star; Yahshuah.


Mars (Adom) – Michael the warrior Archangel who does battle against the Dragon and the Dragon’s army; blood and war; atoning blood of Messiah.


Mercury (Catab) – Gabriel the messenger Archangel. 


SaturnSatan the fallen archangel.


Pisces (Dagim) – The fishes; The nation of Israel; the two Houses of Israel; portraying Israel going into bondage, in bondage, or being delivered from bondage.


Cetus (Knem)The beast from the sea who binds Israel; the Dragon who is the enemy of the fishes.  Is shown rising in the east over and from the Dead Sea as seen from Jerusalem during the Spring Feasts, and setting in the west over and into the Mediterranean Sea during the Fall Feasts.


Aries (Taleh) The Lamb who delivers Israel out of bondage and destroys the beast from the sea.


Virgo (Bethulah)The Promised Seed of the woman; the remnant of the woman’s seed (Rev. 12:17); the faithful of the Twelve Tribes of Israel; the 144,000 virgins of Rev. 14:1-5 and 7:2-8.


HydraThe water serpent or the beast from the sea and/or the dragon.  In ancient planespheres Hydra had seven heads and its tail encompassed or wrapped around one third of planesphere (Rev. 13:1 – see NIV version, and Rev. 12:4).  Hydra stands next to Virgo.  It is seen rising over and from the Dead Sea as seen from Jerusalem during the Fall Feasts, and setting over and into the Mediterranean Sea during the Spring Feasts.





On May 11, 2011 Venus will pass 0.6 degrees south of Jupiter in the constellation Pisces.  The two planets will not come this close to each other again until August 2014. 


The simulation of this event from is shown below.



The planet Mercury is also near conjunction with Jupiter and Venus.  This is a very beautiful sight indeed with the two brightest planets (wandering stars) so close together and shinning forth brightly.  The planet Mars is also not far away.  This portrays a family get together with Yahweh and His son along with the archangels Michael and Gabriel.   All are in Pisces (the Nation of Israel) to guard against or to make war against the beast from the sea (Cetus).


Chart 557 shows the positions of the planets at the time of the conjunction as seen from Jerusalem in the early morning sky above the eastern horizon.  Cetus is seen next to and below Pisces  Of the five bright planets seen with the unaided eye, four are in Pisces.. The other bright planet, Saturn, is in Virgo at this time.  In its 30-year circuit around the ecliptic, Saturn spends an average of 2.5 years in each of the Twelve Signs.


Chart 557 – Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Pisces in the early morning sky on May 11, 2011


Chart 558 shows the position of the planet Saturn in the constellation Virgo (Bethulah) on May 11, 2011. Saturn is in the evening sky at this time.  It will be in or very close to this position throughout the month of May.  The constellation Hydra, the other portrayal of the beast from the sea and the dragon is next to the woman.  As mentioned earlier, Virgo represents the woman of Revelation 12 and the woman’s seed or the remnant of her seed.  It also represents the 144,000 faithful of the Twelve Tribes.  Saturn (Satan) is in the woman (perhaps chasing after her) with the beast from the sea with seven heads next to the woman.  Along with the celestial event occurring in Pisces at the same time, this makes a great portrayal of Revelation 12 and 13.  The constellations Virgo and Pisces are 180 degrees from each other, or in the direct opposite sides of the planesphere.  The colored area on the charts is the horizon and the ground below.


Chart 558 – Saturn in Bethulah (Virgo) in the early evening sky on May 11, 2011





Mercury will pass 20 south of Mars in the constellation Aries on May 19, 2011.  Chart 559 shows the position of the two planets at the time of conjunction along with Venus as seen from Jerusalem.   This is also a massing of the three planets in Aries.  They are lined up above the head of Cetus.


Chart 559 – Mars and Mercury in conjunction in Aries on May 19, 2011 as viewed in the early morning sky from Jerusalem. This is also a massing of the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury.




Venus will pass 1.10 south of Mars in the constellation Aries on May 22, 2011.  Chart 560 shows the two planets at the time of conjunction as seen from Jerusalem along with the planet Mercury.  This is a  tighter triangular massing of the three planets.  There are a number of other unique positions of the planets relative to one another in May, but I do not have the space to show them all here.  I have shown the actual conjunctions and most unique massings of the bunch in this newsletter.  All in all, the planets performed very well in their dance with each other.  This was the best display of the dancing planets since May 2000 and May 2002.  This is by far the better of the three.


Chart 560 – Venus and Mars in conjunction and the massing of Ven, Mars and Merc .on May 22.


During this time there were some minor skirmishes in Israel with the Palestinians forcing their way through Israeli security fences along the Syrian border and other places.  This was a first time for that (except when the Syrian armies invaded Israel in times past).


Then Obama did something that no other United States president has done.  He insisted that the starting point for the mid-east peace talks begin with Israel going back to the 1967 borders, which would be disastrous to the nation of Israel.  Israel was formerly given a guarantee by the United States under President Bush and both sides of the aisle in congress that they would not be expected to return to the 1967 borderlines.  That agreement was virtually ripped apart by Obama.


A few days following Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a bold speech before congress and congress overwhelmingly backed Israel.  However, it is now difficult for Israel to trust the United States as a partner not knowing what Obama is going to pull next.  I believe that this may be the beginning of what is to be a nasty summer and fall.  We will see what happens.