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November 1996

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Actually it was always there. The unknown object next to the comet Hale-Bopp that drew so much attention on the Internet and the Art Bell radio program in mid-November is nothing more than a star that has always been in that position in the heavens. The star is many light years (trillions and trillions of miles) away from our solar system and the comet Hale-Bopp.
The amateur astronomer that took the photograph of Hale-Bopp and the "strange object" on the evening of November 14, did not expect to find an object in that position because it was not seen on his computer image of the area. The computer program that he was using to display the objects in the area of question was Mega Star. It was discovered that he must have had stars of certain magnitudes toggled off when displaying celestial objects in that area. It was shown by another astronomer with the same program that the star indeed shows up if the program is used right. It has been confirmed with other astronomy programs, and star catalogs of the area in question, that indeed the star (SAO141894) has been there at least throughout human history.
The appearance of rings or the line going through and extending from the star was caused by diffraction spikes which is an optical phenomenon
caused by the telescope and not uncommon. I have seen many photographs of stars that appear like this.

Comet Hale-Bopp may or may not be as bright as originally expected this coming Spring. Though it should still be bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, it is expected to be between a 1st and 3rd magnitude, which is between the brightness of Regulus in Leo and Mizar in the Big Dipper. Though some still believe that it will be as bright
as Venus. It is
a very interesting comet nonetheless. And no, the course hasn't changed from its expected rendezvous point this Spring. The reason that the Space Telescope hasn't taken any recent photos of the comet is because it is too close to the sun as seen from the telescope. The comet will be far enough away from the sun early in 1997 for Hubble to begin taking photos of it again. There are many other photos of the comet by other astronomers and amateur astronomers to confirm this.
The period of the comet has recently been assessed with the following results. The last time the comet was here was between 4,200 and 4,400 years ago (give or take a few years). The orbit of the comet has been changed from its last orbit due to certain perturbations caused by the inner solar system (which is common) and will return again in another 2,300 years. This is from observations for over a year, and what has been expected. There have been no unexpected course changes.


On October 12, 1996, at 4:00 a.m. Israel Standard Time (IST), a small Syrian invasion force was converging on the Golan Heights and Northern Israel according to the CBS Sunday Evening News aired on October 20. Israel sent jet fighters and helicopters to intercept the Syrian forces, but when they arrived at the intercept point, the Syrian forces had mysteriously disappeared. It almost seems as if God hit the pause button on the beginning of the "Great Tribulation". I do not know if this is the case, but I believe that the heavens certainly portrayed the beginning of "Jacob's Trouble" from late September to mid-October. Apparently, it has not started yet, but I believe that though the heavens may not be portraying the exact days of certain events, they are definitely portraying the season of certain events. I believe that "Jacob's Trouble" has already started in many ways, but the time of "Great Trouble" will soon commence. My prayers are with and for the people of Jerusalem and Israel. It is in my prayers that they turn to and accept the true Messiah, Jesus Christ (Y'shua HaMashiach). I also encourage anyone who reads this to pray for the same.
There have been many reports of Syrian troop movements and displacements of scud missiles closer to Israel in the past few months. Every other day, there are rumors of a Syrian invasion in the Jerusalem Post, and other Israeli news services. Persian Gulf Arab nations have also verbally threatened Israel. On November 20, Egypt said that it would not sit still if a war broke out between Israel and Syria. This statement stirred worries in many U. S. politicians.
Tensions are also increasing with the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks on Israel. It doesn't matter what Israel does to "appease" the PLO and other Arab nations, they won't be satisfied until there are no Jews left in Israel.
I mentioned the book "Yasser Arafat -
An Apocalyptic Character" by Marvin Byers in
last month's newsletter. I have since read the book and highly recommend it. It is quite an eye-opener, to say the least, on current and past events in Israel and the Mid-East, and the fulfillment of many prophecies in the book of Daniel. You can order it for $15.00 from:

End Time Ministry
P.O. Box 455
Rutherford College, NC 28671


I recently obtained access to "the Net" and find it very informative though time consuming. I soon hope to have a web-site for Biblical Astronomy. Until then, my e-mail address is and I welcome your input.


The celestial events displayed in Charts 16 through 18 happened in the years 1873 B.C. and 1872 B.C. If Abraham was born in 1953 B.C. (see "A Voice Crying in The Heavens" pp. 38-40), then Abraham would have been between 80 and 81 years old at the time of these celestial events. Abraham was 75 years old in Gen. 12:4, and 86 years old in Gen. 16:16; so these celestial events most likely occurred between those scriptural parameters. These celestial events could very well have been occurring throughout chapters 14 and 15 of Genesis. These events were occurring in the sign Scorpius (the conflict, or war). It is in Genesis 14:14-16 that Abraham wars against the kings of Gen. 14:1 and defeats them. It is in Genesis 14:18-20 that Mechizedek, the priest of the most high God, blessed Abraham whose God had delivered his enemies unto his hand.
Chart 16 shows a massing of the planets Jupiter (God), Venus (The Promised Seed), and Saturn (Satan) over the head and heart of the Scorpion in the early morning hours of December 2, 1874 B.C. Chart 17 shows another massing of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn (all three planets are very near conjunction - very rare) in the early evening of September 27, 1873 B.C., with Mars (Michael) in near conjunction with Antares (the Wounding or Rival of Mars). Mars was in conjunction with Antares on the following evening. Chart 18 shows a massing of the planets Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn (usually represents physical or spiritual warfare) in Scorpius in the early evening hours of October 11, 1873 B.C. Chart 19 shows a Jupiter/Mars conjunction that is joined by the Moon on October 14, 1873 B.C. This is actually the first evening that a sliver of light of the moon would have been seen after it passed the sun. It would have been the first day of the month.
It may have been one of these events that Abraham saw in Genesis 15:5. It is in Genesis 15:18 that the Lord made a covenant with Abram: "Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:"...
The seed will come to its inheritance when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to rule.