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May 1998

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The largest explosion ever seen in the universe occurred on December 14, 1997. The information of the explosion was released to the press on May 13, 1998. The explosion was a Gamma Ray Burst which occurred 12 billion light years from Earth. For a few seconds the light from the burst was brighter than all of the stars in the universe combined. There are approximately 10 billion trillion stars in the universe. The energy release from the burst was astounding. For example, the energy release from the sun in one second is 100,000 times greater than the simultaneous detonation of every nuclear weapon ever made by man. The energy release of this Gamma Ray Burst was 100 times the energy release that would occur on the sun over a 10 billion year period. There are a lot of seconds in 10 billion years. Astronomers and scientists are baffled. Hundreds of previously held theories went up in smoke. Some are equating this explosion to the "Big Bang" or a second creation.

This explosion occurred in a very interesting location in the heavens as viewed from Earth. The cross-hairs on Chart 57 shows the location of the Gamma Ray Burst which is labeled GRB 971214. The explosion occurred between the tail of Draco (the Dragon) and Ursa Major (the larger fold and the flock of God - most likely referring to Israel). Some scriptures come to mind here, such as Revelation 12:3-4, but this is pure speculation at this point. The people of Israel are referred to as stars in a number of scriptures such as Genesis 37:9-10, Numbers 24:17, Deuteronomy 1:10, and most likely Daniel 8:10.

The location of the explosion is also in conjunction with a spot in the heavens located between the head of the Woman (Virgo) and the tail of the Lion (Leo). This is what the Sphinx portrays as the beginning and the end of the Zodiac. This is the beginning and the end (alpha and omega) of all prophecies given in the heavens of the first and second coming of the Messiah.


Jupiter and Venus put on a spectacular show as they came into conjunction on April 23. Though I did not see this event from Oregon since we were under heavy cloud cover, I did see some spectacular photographs of this event. In some areas of Africa and southern Asia, the moon occulted both planets at the same time. This is a rare event, occurring about every 50 years for any two bright (seen with the naked eye) planets to be occulted by the moon. It is a very rare occasion for Jupiter and Venus to be occulted at the same time (perhaps once every 500 to 1,000 years). Below is a photograph of the event taken from Ascension Island. Venus is the brighter object on the upper left limb of the moon with the bright crescent of the moon below. Jupiter is above and just right of center. The object shinning between the moon and Jupiter is Jupiter's moon Ganymede, and barely visible above and on top of Jupiter is Jupiter's moon Io.


Chart 58 shows the planets Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces (represents the nation of Israel) on May 5, 1998. Jupiter is on the outer edge of Aquarius, and Mars is in Aries. Venus, Mercury, and Saturn will be in Pisces throughout most of May. There was a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn on May 12, and Venus (Jesus Christ) will come into conjunction with Saturn (Satan) on May 29 (see Chart 59). This event will be seen from Israel at exact conjunction at 4:00 a.m. Israel Standard Time. Add one hour for Daylight Savings Time. Jupiter (God) also enters the constellation Pisces on May 29.

Shavouth or Pentecost begins at sunset on June 1, according to the Sacred Calendar.


The following is an article from Ha'aretz released on May 4, 1998. ARAFAT: ABU IDS ACCEPTABLE AS PALESTINIAN CAPITAL - In a meeting with American visitors over the weekend, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat publicly accepted the notion of establishing the capital of a future Palestinian state in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem. He also indicated that he viewed understandings in the 1996 Beilin-Abu Mazen and Beilin-Eitan agreements as realistic foundations for a final settlement with Israel.

"The idea of Abu Dis, which belonged to Al Quds (Jerusalem) under Jordanian control, is acceptable." The surprised council members asked again if indeed the chairman of the authority believed it would be possible to reach an agreement with Israel based on the Abu Dis idea. Arafat responded, "Yes, and there is also the Beilin-Eitan plan."

Senior Palestinian officials were also surprised by the remarks. They were especially excited by the Abu Dis solution. According to the plan formulated by Beilin and Abu Mazen on the eve of the last elections in 1996, most settlements under Israeli control would remain, whereas settlers living in highly populated Palestinian areas could live in the Palestinian state or move to Israeli territory. The Jordan Valley would remain under Israeli control for seven years from the signing of the agreement.

The following article was released by Arutz-7 on May 11, 1998 - THIRD WAY: NETANYAHU PROMISED AN 11% WITHDRAWAL - Sources in Jerusalem and Washington feel that it is likely that the Washington summit will convene, in the final analysis, and that Israel will commit itself to a large-scale withdrawal from Judea and Samaria. Cabinet Secretary Danny Naveh and Prime Minister Netanyahu's political advisor Uzi Arad said today that Israel seeks cordial relations with the U.S., but will not surrender to dictates, nor will it compromise on its security. Leaders of the Third Way party said today that Netanyahu called Third Way leader Minister Avigdor Kahalani and promised him that within two weeks he would sign an agreement in Washington to withdraw from 11% of Yesha.


MED, May 11, 1998 - The Fatah arm of the PLO said if Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu does not change his policies, Fatah activists will renew shooting attacks on Israelis. Yesterday, about 300 Fatah terrorists, some masked and armed with M-16 and Kalashnikov rifles, marched through the Shchem area. They were marking the day of the "Palistinian catastrophe," the events following the establishment of the state of Israel.


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