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May 1999

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Chart 94 displays the massing of Mercury, Saturn and the moon in the constellation Aries on May 14, 1999. The diagram above the chart shows the pictures of the constellations. The dark area between aries and Taurus is the sun. The figure below the moon is the head of Cetus (the beast from the sea). Jupiter is in the band of the constellation Pisces. The diagram shows where the planets appeared early in the morning as seen from Jerusalem. The chart below the diagram, which is displayed at a different angle, shows the positions of the planets on May 14, at 2:30 p.m., Jerusalem standard time. Mercury, Saturn and the moon were more closely aligned at this time, and very near conjunction, though Mercury and Saturn could not be seen due to the sunlight.

The constellations in this area of the heavens strongly portray the events written of in Revelation 19:6 - 20:3. I do not know the prophetic significance of this particular celestial gathering, but this is the same area in the heavens where very rare events will occur next Spring.

Points of interest: May 14, 1948 was the Gregorian date for the birth of modern Israel. The recent Israeli elections were held on May 17.

The diagram and chart were produced from the Starry Night astronomy program which I recently acquired along with a new computer. These should help improve the quality of graphics in future newsletters.


Arutz-7 news release, May 5 - Rumors Continue to Flow - "Rumors of flowing water from the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount have cost at least on man a few hours of freedom. Rabbi Yosef Elbaum, who regularly takes visitors on tours to Halakhically-permitted areas of the Temple Mount, was arrested yesterday when he attempted to verify the rumors of the flowing water. He took his usual route, and when a policeman ordered him to veer off the path and walk in a Halakhically forbidden area, Rabbi Elbaum refused. The policeman arrested him and he was released only a few hours later. Rabbi Elbaum was unable to verify the truth of the rumors.

Speaking with Arutz-7 today, Rabbi Elbaum said "The Book of Ezekiel mentions that water will begin flowing from the Foundation Rock, after the chapters on the construction of the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple). We have heard rumors of foreign press reports over the past week that waters have started to flow from the Rock, and that it is impossible to locate the source or to stop the flow." Rabbi Elbaum said that, from the answers to his inquires on the topic during his walk yesterday, and from the fact that he was arrested on "such a baseless charge, "he suspects that the policemen and the Waqf personnel were attempting to hide something from him."


BBC news release, April 14 - "mile-wide asteroid could collide with earth in 40 years - Astronomers have discovered a mile-wide asteroid that could collide with the Earth in 40 years time. If it did, the devastation would be continent-wide, with massive global effects for decades. Hundreds of millions of people would die and many animal species would be wiped out. The object is called asteroid 1999 AN10 and it was discovered on 13 January. It was picked up by the Linear telescopic survey that scans the sky for so-called Neo's - Near Earth Objects.

1999 AN10 circles the Sun every 643 days and twice each year Earth comes close to the giant rock. From almost a hundred observations made of it since its discovery, astronomers have determined its orbit. Close approaches to Earth occur in 20267, but no impacts are possible then according to Andrea Milani and Steven Chesley of the University of Pisa. But 2039 is a different matter. In calculating the orbit for 1999 AN10, the Italian astronomers say that for August 2039 "a collision solution actually exists." ...It is unlikely that 1999 AN10 will hit us - but it cannot be ruled out completely at this stage. Calculations suggest that this asteroid will remain "dangerously close" to Earth for the next 600 years."

After seeing this article, I decided to load the asteroid's orbital elements, which are available from the Minor Planet Center at MIT, onto the Dance of the Planets program to take a look for myself. After checking out its orbital path for the next 1,000 years, I found that the asteroid has a cycle in which it becomes progressively closer to earth every 37 years at the time that the asteroid crosses near the earth's orbital path when the earth is in the same vicinity. The asteroid passes close to the earth's orbital path every year, but most years the earth is far from the crossing point when it does. The earth is closest to that crossing point at the same time that the asteroid is, every 37 years. And each cycle that the two bodies are near that point at the same time, they are approximately 60,000 miles closer to each other (on the overall average) that they were at the previous cycle. In 1990, the asteroid came within 1.2 million miles at its closest approach to Earth. In 2027, the asteroid will pass within 1.14 million miles from the earth. Chart 95 shows the closest approach and path of the asteroid in early August, 2027. The chart does not display this event in three dimensions. The asteroid is traveling at a slightly upward angle towards the ecliptical plane of the earth.

The asteroid comes nowhere close to the earth in the year 2039, as stated in the above article. This was either a gross miscalculation by the Italian astronomers, or a misprint by the news service. But the 27th century is a different story. Chart 96 shows the path of the asteroid and the asteroid at its closest approach to the earth in the year 2619. The two bodies seem to be occupying the same space. Not good. But two dimensional charts can be deceiving. I just had to throw that one in for dramatic effects. Chart 97 shows the same path from a different angle. The asteroid's path passes under the earth and it reaches the ecliptic plane after it passes the earth at a distance of 160,000 miles in 2619. Still too close for comfort. Chart 98 shows the path of the asteroid in 2656. This is shown at the same angle as Chart 97. The asteroid is shown at the time of its closest approach which is 127,000 miles at this particular time. The asteroid reaches its closest approach to the earth in the year 2693 at a distance of 125,000 miles. the asteroid will move progressively further from the earth at each 37 year cycle (156,000 miles in 2730; 196,000 miles in 2767; 260,000 miles in 2804, etc.).


This article somehow got missed in the April newsletter. Mars came at its closest approach to the earth on April 24, 1999. The last time that Mars was as close or closer to the earth, was in 1990. It is in the traditional astrological thought that when Mars approaches close to the earth that wars break out. There may be some correlation to the Gulf War of 1990 and the conflict now going on in Yugoslavia. During its next close approach in 2003, Mars will be much closer to the earth, and will appear at least five times brighter that it did this past April. It will not approach that close to the earth again until 1,010 years later, in the year 3013.

Note: After Armageddon, Satan is bound for 1,000 years and then let loose for a short season (Rev. 20:1-3). There is the possibility that the last 3 1/2 years of Daniel, or what is called the Great Tribulation, will begin next Spring and end in the Autumn of 2003. I will be getting more into this hypothesis over the next year.


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